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Horrible Bosses Movie Review

Horrible Bosses movie testamonials are largely positive because 2011 comedy prepares to start at the box office. The film, which stars Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis, is targeted on a trio of overworked, (way) under-appreciated employees who're all sick and tired with their respective bosses. They can't quit--so what can they do? They plot to kill their bosses.No doubt American movie audiences can perceive the frustration of coping with boss you will never know they "own" them inflexible economy. Hiring hit men for taking them out? Not exactly realistic, most certainly not recommended--but it is a comedy movie, it isn't real, and reviews appear to indicate it is a fun ride! Funny movies

Top movie critics who gave the impression to really like Horrible Bosses zeroed in immediately around the movie's raw, often raunchy humor. Renowned movie critic Roger Ebert, who gave the movie three-and-a-half stars, writes how the film is "funny and dirty inside that order," adding that Jennifer Aniston's performance (as dentist and sexual harasser Julia) shines as exhibiting "acute comic timing." Aniston seemed a lttle bit flat in their most recent comedy, Just Go With It, so seeing critics sing her praises now bodes well on her acting future. Jen Aniston: suited to raunchy comedy. Who knew?Movie goers seeking a fun, silly, risqu'? sort of R-rated comedy could possibly be well-served by Horrible Bosses, as outlined by Associated Press critic Christy Lemire. She writes the movie is "wildly, brazenly stupid--but also, you recognize, fun."Bottom line here: Horrible Bosses will not be for everyone, but critics who offered distinctly anything-but-horrible reviews agree that it may be worth a holiday to a theater for a few serious, silly laughs. Kevin Spacey being a sadistic, truly psychotic boss? He might just steal this movie!

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