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Zombieland Movie Review

This is often a very amusing horror comedy, inside vein of Shaun on the Dead, that specializes in a similar world where everyone or most with the world can be a zombie. We meet Columbus (everyone from the movie calls themselves by places rather then real names) played by Jesse Eisenberg (they have one of those faces you're positive you have seen somewhere but can't quite identify where) that is one from the last surviving humans from the U.S. and possesses developed a assortment of rules to staying alive for instance limbering up before heading into any vicinity where zombies could possibly be around, keeping his heart fit, and also taking care when at his most vulnerable i.e. when inside the toilet. We go for flashbacks to unfortunate victims who fell towards the zombie plague, throughout the opening credits,. It seems Columbus only survived when he kept to himself, and just found out about the plague, each time a lovely girl came knocking at his door, complaining which a tramp had sprinted at her, to start with she thought he was chasing someone, but once he reached her he bit her. Columbus was more interested that this type of lovely girl could be at his door, and was stroking her hair as she went to sleep when inevitably she become a zombie and started lunging at him. Columbus transpires with bump into Tallahassee played by Woody Harrelson (No country for old men), there is usually a amicable stand-off the location where the pair think each other is usually a zombie and await any hints at humanity before introducing each other. Together they consider going to Columbia where Columbus includes a faint hope his parents should be alive, because he puts it, he is often a loner who didn't appreciate individuals who cared about him or anyone especially when the world was OK, the good news is just traversing to a familiar face makes things much more easier. On their strategy to helping Tallahassee locate a Twinky, with Tallahassee's usual antics of antagonising the zombies with exposure to noise so they turn out and get the customary treatment with whatever he occurs have at your fingertips, they bump into two sisters, Wichita played from the gorgeous Emma Stone (The House Bunny) and Little Rock played through the lovely Abigal Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) who luckily continue to be alive, but trick them into taking their ammunition as well as their vehicle. Of course they inevitably meet again, following your car they've got stolen from Columbus and Tallahassee fights, and are also forced over a road trip together, yet not before Tallahassee and Columbus locate a vehicle containing a lot of ammunition that Tallahassee says "Thank God for rednecks". As they overlook Hollywood, Tallahassee decides for taking them towards the home of a superstar (as they puts it even larger than Tom Cruise). There is really a lovely cameo by Bill Murray (Ghostbusters) playing himself, he occurs dress up as a zombie to suit around, and that he even joins them re-enacting scenes from Ghostbusters. Columbus meanwhile starts to discover Wichita, who equally has trust issues, and Tallahassee continues to be after that Twinky. It is really a hilarious horror movies -comedy, cut on interest rates like instantly.

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